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About Us

Millenium Convoy is one of the fastest growing Digital Company in Lekki, Lagos. The firm was established to help its potential clients offload their digital problems regardless of how heavy the load might seem.

Our Services

We have diverse of services available for our clients. the good part of it is that all these services can be customized and tailored to the need of our clients regardless of their goals and purpose. As far as its digital you can count on us. you can also rely on us as your millennium and personal convoy.

Website Design

We are experienced and have been in the industry and we know what exactly you want when it comes to building a website.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is actually getting sales and traction online, apart from exposing your brand. we know this fact and we can help

Graphic Design

The money is in the design, we don't take any details for granted when we are engaged in your design project.

General Printing

From ID Card to Letterhead to Banner Handbill and Posters to Receipt and Nylon Printing we have got you covered.


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When you call we will always be there to answer you. not just answering your call, but doing that ASAP. because we know the importance of getting a quick response from you service provider.

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Profitable Suggestions

You can never be a novice, but we will never hesitate to give you idealistic and profitable suggestions when the need arises. This also separate us from our brothers in the industry

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Get Edified As You Go

As you keep having us as your Personal Convoy in this you digital journey, be rest assured that before you get to your destination you will be fully edified in the digital game,

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We strongly believe that we are going to be a very important Digital Convoy to you!

The First Step

We at Millenium Convoy believe that the first step is not the hardest but the sweetest.. its where your mind come to terms with undeniable reality. its FUN!

Lead The Pack

The problem is not even to lead, but to add values to the lives of everyone in the pack! if you need a hand we are here!!